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Looking for a‚ real estate broker in Miami? You've come to the right place. Miami Investment strives to be the best, and we know this is only possible with top-notch staff. Our agents work with you to match availability, budget and preferences to find a good selection of property for you to choose from, whether you're looking to purchase or rent real estate in Miami Beach or beyond. Our agents are fully prepared to assist you with your desire to move or vacation in the Miami area.



Our agents know just when and where to look to get you the best availability and price. You can be sure they have their thumbs on the pulse of Miami Beach foreclosures. They are also prepared to help you save money on vacation. They know just where to go to find the many condos and homes in the Miami area waiting to be rented for a week or a month. The earlier you let us know about your vacation plans, the better this way we can keep a watchful eye on availability for you.